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Bro. Roldalino (Danny) Pascual

Bro Danny is married to Mercedes (Mercy) G. Pascual with two sons, Daniel (10) and Jonah (8). With hard work and perseverance, he has been in Canada’s workforce for 28 years. Presently, he works for Behr Process Inc. for 7 years. His spiritual experience with Christ radically changed and transformed his life and now serves the Lord with his family at ROLIM. Every Sunday, they come all the way from Oakville, ON to worship and serve God and fellowship with His people. They are very much willing to share whatever gifts, abilities and blessings they have in order to build up the body of Christ. Their love for God and commitment to the ministry are very evident in their lives.

Bro. Danny is a worship leader and back-up singer in the Praise and Worship Ministry. He shares ROLIM’s mission and vision of reaching people for the Lord and with his stage and theatrical training and experience, he would like to use whatever gift God has given him in this field and
spearhead a church drama ministry at ROLIM. He has very encouraging perspectives in life and relationships. As member of the board, he is in all out support to our Pastor and other leaders in maintaining and guarding the unity of the church.

Bro. Edgardo (Edgar) B. Guiao

Bro. Edgar is married to Marilou Guiao with whom he has 3 lovely children: John Paul, María Meliza, and Patrick Jabez. After finishing his university studies, he had his first job as an accounting clerk in a local drugstore where he met his wife. He then worked as an accounting clerk for a pre-need company and was promoted after five years, becoming the youngest area manager. Without any overseas experience,they came to Canada. This was quite a challenge for him as he needed to start over; however, by the Grace of God, he was able to survive the difficulties that went with it. He now works as a Financial Service Manager at Scarborough Mitsubishi. He learned early in life that while achievement requires hard work and greater responsibility, promotion really comes from God. It is his prayer that our church grows to the fullest and brings forth quality Christians.

One of his visions for the church is to establish a ministry where ROLIM members will be able to share their expertise in their own field thereby increasing productivity among themselves while assisting other members who need help especially recent immigrants. With his love for God and passion for the ministry, Bro. Edgar can give immense contribution to the Lord’s work for God’s glory.

Bro. Efren M. Tíbay

His vast experience and skills in accounting and finance as an accountant, professionally and vocationally in the Philippines, together with the support and partnership in serving the Lord of his loving wife, Sis. Marilyn Carisma Tibay, who was an outstanding ROLIM BOARD member for many years, and their love and dedication in the Lord’s work make them shine for God’s glory not only in the Finance Ministry, but to the global ministry of ROLIM. He wants to see ROLIM come to growth in quality and quantity and have its own church building in the near future.

With his skills in playing the wind instruments (saxophone and clarinet) and passion for music, he fervently encourages ROLIM’s growing kids to learn and play different types of musical instruments in addition to the guitar and the piano. He envisions a church choir accompanied by a full orchestra in ROLIM’s glorious praise and worship to God.

Bro. Esmael Jesus (Jojo) B. Balatbat

Behind Bro. Jojo’s very quiet demeanour lies a deep fervour to serve God in whatever skills and abilities God has given him. Together with his lovely wife Marlyn T. Balatbat and his two sons, Cole Jomar (Jom) and John Richard (Prince), they serve the Lord with gladness in the Praise and Worship Ministry. Bro. Jojo is a secondary keyboardist, back-up singer, and worship leader. With God’s favour, he is currently working as a Budget Assistant at York University.

He diligently prepares the Church Bulletin every Sunday since ROLIM’s inception seven years ago. He would like to see ROLIM grow in all aspects: spiritual, physical, mental, social and even material; raise new pastors and leaders, nurture healthy and mature believers, have a well-organized and well -managed church administration with our own new church building and carry on with our mission to reach others for Christ. In all these, the Lord Jesus Christ will be worshiped and exalted on high and souls will be saved through ROLIM. Personally, in God’s time he would like to be involved with the Missions ministry.

Bro. Marcos (Jun) M. Tungcol

Bro. Jun is married to Maria Rita G. Lucas and is blessed with three children: Luigi, 15, Trisha, 6, and Bea, 3. He has been a Waterworks Operator for 4 years at the Waterworks Department in the town of Markham. It was at the height of the crackdown on Christian churches by Saudi Arabian religious authorities in 1993 that he joined the underground church; however, it took 3 long years before he finally devoted his life to our Lord Jesus Christ. God got his attention through various problems and trials. He continued to serve the Lord in that hostile place until his family immigrated to Canada in July of 2001. Upon ROLIM’s foundation in 2002, his family was one of the first members and he himself was elected a Board Member until 2007. It is Bro. Jun’s desire to have a permanent place of worship for God’s people.

Now that he is in the Board again, he hopes that this vision will come into fruition and more people from all walks of life, race, creed and color will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour. We know that God intended him to be in the ministry to facilitate ROLIM’s mission and vision, send and support workers in the mission field and uphold Pastor Shane’s calling in proclaiming the goodness of the Lord and in spreading God’s word.

Bro. Marío Anthony (Boyet) P. Róque

Bro. Boyet is married to Aida Róque and has one son named Mark Anthony Róque. As a civil engineering graduate, he now works as Waterworks technician at the Corporation of the Town of Markham. They serve the Lord as a family in the Music Ministry where Bro. Boyet is the soundman/ technician. When all their application papers for immigration to Canada were misplaced by the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines, they inquired from the LORD whether it was indeed His will for them to go to Canada or whether they were meant for their home country. God spoke in the heart of his wife, Aida and by faith they submitted their application again.

Now they are here, praising the Lord for orchestrating and making everything happen for their benefit and for His glory. As the Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 and Roman 8:28, Gods knows our future and the best time for everything. We may know the better part, but in God's time He will give us the best. Now, that he is in the ROLIM Board, it is his prayer that ROLIM have its own church building. In God’s perfect time, their prayer will be answered. In the meantime, you can be assured that the Lord will use his family in other ministries especially the Mission ministry.