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Christian Life on the Basketball Court - Part 1
by: Francis Tungcol
date posted: 4/2/2012 9:05:00 AM

Itís been a while since Iíve written about ROLIM basketball and I havenít updated whatís been going on for the past three games. For this issue, it will cover three weeks of ROLIM basketball in what I like to call a tri-part series condensed into one issue. This tri-part series will be written in a different approach.

Iíve been playing basketball since I was seven, from different leagues to pick-up basketball, but since then I have never played in a Christian Basketball League. Since the beginning of the season, I have learned a lot playing basketball with ROLIM. Iím not talking about becoming a better player or improving my skills, but Iím learning Christian life lessons on the court that can be applied in everyday living.

Basketball is a sport in which you can truly learn a lot of things, from patience, to self-control, and to teamwork. The best part of it is, the basketball court is like a battlefield where you will be tested to apply the lessons learned. Whether you win or lose, there is always something we can take out of  it and apply it in our lives.

ROLIM Team Gets Their First Win

Saturday March 10, 2012,  the ROLIM team gets their first win of the season against the shorthanded Friends of Jesus Christ Church team with the score of 41-34. Captain of the game, Prince Balatbat lead the team in a motivating prayer. With the lost on their first game, ROLIM is determined to win this game and bounce back on a positive note. ROLIM needed to learn from last weekís lost and make some changes. Coach Jun Tungcol emphasized defense and plays on offense. The addition of Dan Roasa helped the team on a great start, his leadership and experience is much needed for a young team. Dan Roasaís great vision on the court gave him the ability to pass the ball and involve everyone in the game. Most of ROLIMís first half points came from Dylan Castadaís shooting beyond the three-point line. Francis Tungcol added in seven points, mostly coming from Dan Roasaís assists. Mark Roque dominated both on offense and defense. Import player for the game, David Pascual, appeared as post presence on defense. ROLIM had the lead throughout the whole game and at one point in the game they lead by 14 points in the first half.

In the beginning of the second half, the starters got a chance to take a break with the big lead. Coach Jun Tungcol allowed every player to get some playing time. However, FJC found their scoring touch. FJCís shot efficiently from the free-throw line tying the game at 34 a piece. ROLIM panicked a little, the starters came back on to try and pull away with the win. Three key plays from the starters pulled away with 7 points. Following a good defensive play, a steal from FJC and a layup from Dylan got them up by 5. FJC wasnít able to score against ROLIMís good defense. David Pascual, helped tremendously shutting down FJCís big man shooting from beyond the three point line. To finish the game, Dan Roasa clutched and drained a 3 leading ROLIM to a 41-34 win.

ROLIM was determined to win this game against FJC they knew as a team that they were capable of winning this game and made sure that it would not go to waste. In this game, I learned about teamwork more importantly teamwork playing in Christ. In everyday life we mingle with different people to achieve simple to big tasks whether it would be in your work place, school, or church. Interacting with people in a group with the motive to get something accomplished is a prime example of teamwork because there is a goal to be met. From a Christian perspective, through teamwork, a lot of things can be achieved especially with God as the focal point of the motive. This bible verse from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 comes to mind; ďTwo are better than one, because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one of them should fall, the other one can raise his partner up.Ē As seen from the game, ROLIM played together as a team to win and they reaped their hard work with the win. In retrospect, one point during the game, ROLIM fell apart, allowing the other team to tie the score, but with teamwork they picked each other up. ROLIM raised each other up with the three key plays approaching the end of the game to come out with the victory. 

Joshua (Jot-Jot) Canlas co-captain for the game lead the team in a prayer thanking God for a good win. What is more important was, after the game, both teams showed good sportsmanship and the ROLIM team made more friends. 




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