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Rolim Carollers Out for a Mission
by: Bro. Jojo Balatbat
date posted: 12/14/2010 6:51:21 AM

Rolim Christmas Carollers headed by Pastor Gary Pondang  together with Rolim Praise Team were all out early to Rolim Bible Study Groups as well as to Rolim friends for the benefit of  Joshua Revolution,  Mindoro Mission, Rolim Baco Children Feeding Program and Rolim PraiseTeam logistics. 

They started their caroling as early as November 29 not minding the biting cold.  They sang Christmas carols to the Mississauga BS Group,  Woodbridge BS Group,  and  Scarborough BS Group ( Sis. Nelia Oliva’s home).  As of this writing they will proceed to Sis. Cate Sosa’s mother at Thornhill then to Pstr. Shirley Schaper’s Scarborough Group. 

The Carollers were all in high spirits, God’s Spirit that is, knowing that what they are doing would benefit a lot of  brethren.  Their sacrifices will not be in vain and it is God who will reward them in God’s perfect time.  The Carollers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have contributed and will be contributing for this cause and rest assured God will return a thousand fold your monetary contributions.

The tradition of carol singing is a an ancient heritage coming through generations. Carol is derived from French ‘crole’ The word Carole has meaning that many of us  are not aware Carole is a song always an expression of one’s joy by singing and dancing merrily.  In conjunction with the Spirit of  Christmas which is Jesus Christ, we sing and dance as an expression of our joy for God saved us through Jesus Christ.  Glory and  honor be to God! 




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