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Rolim Pastoral Staff, Board and Leaders Retreat a Success
by: Bro. Jojo Balatbat
date posted: 5/28/2009 7:39:20 AM

Last Sunday up to Canada Day at Golden Beach Resort, Roseneath, Ontario, Rolim’s leadership spent a retreat.  Spearheaded by Pastor Shane Torres the  retreat  was a big success.  Everyone felt the moving of the Holy Spirit for the vision and direction of the church.  Pastor Shane discussed the unique organization of the church  compared to the secular organization. The upcoming 7th year anniversary was also discussed.  Different ministries were created to facilitate the order of the anniversary’s celebration in August.  The  different ministries  huddled together to prayers and meetings  to ask of  God’s instructions as to how to implement the visions of the church, among other things. Everybody was encouraged to imagine what would they envision Rolim to be of course with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Board being new revisited  its role in assisting and facilitating Pastor Shane and the Pastoral Staff  in delivering their top most function in the church, that is providing “spiritual” feeding to the congregation as well as to the moving forward of  administrative issues to reach the goals and objectives of each ministries.  Some of the outstanding administrative issues pertaining to the organizational chart, financial matters, building fund and the existing facilities of the church were also discussed  for proper direction and implementation. 

The vision of the church is focused on first and foremost to glorify God and to train people and to equip them  to serve God.  The “ rivers” in Rivers of Life International Ministries,  stands for Reaching each Individual, Valuing, Equipping,  and Releasing them  for Service for God’s work.

On the lighter side, everyone enjoyed the fellowship of one another, renewing the bond of unity that God placed in each  and everyone’s heart, and to recommit each one’s dedication to serve and glorify God and  win souls as well as to serve their fellow believers to their utmost capacity.  And to move forward towards success in delivering  our Lord Jesus’ love  to everyone even  to the  utmost boundaries of  the church and Canada.  Glory be to God!




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